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G.R. Wright & Sons Ltd specialise in making the very best quality flours and mixes for your baking

Craft Bakers in West London Producing Speciality Bread with Locally Sourced Flour

G.R. Wright & Sons, based at Ponders End Mills in Enfield, has been delivering the finest quality flour goods for almost 150 years. The company is a family owned, independent mill and is one of the few such ventures left in Britain. 

The company has been in the family since its founder, George Reynolds Wright took over in 1867. Control of the company has been handed down from generation to generation for a century and a half, with current Managing Director, David Wright, now holding the mantle. 

Wright’s is London’s only flour mill, operating on one of the industry’s most historic sites: The baking trade has bought flour here since 1086 and milling has gone on here since 1867 with an unbroken tradition of family management and attention to the highest quality standards. 

We are proud to continue this tradition of quality by serving Le Pain Nouveau.

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