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Local Bread Bakery in West London

To place an order:

Tel: 0208 961 1549
Fax: 0208 963 1412
Email: orders@lepainltd.com
Call list: We call you daily

Standing Orders

A standing order is a method of ordering being placed in advance on a week to week basis with amendments being phoned into the bakery before 1445h.

*Note that a few bakery products are on 48 hour lead time, such as gluten free items, crumpets and English muffins.

Early order placement / lead times may also apply during seasonal periods.

Please be aware that, as with other suppliers, Le Pain Nouveau operates a minimum order requirement.

Special Occasions

If you have a special event in your unit, contact Le Pain Nouveau to see if they can help you with some special or bespoke products.